Sehzade Mosque

Sehzade Mosque was constructed in 16th century. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent ordered Architect Sinan to design an imperial mosque in memory of his beloved son, Prince Mehmed, who died unexpectedly at the age of 22.  It is intended that, as Suleyman’s eldest son from his favourite wife Hurrem, Prince Mehmed would be the next sultan after Suleyman.

inside Sehzade Mosque

Sehzade Mosque was a part of complex that includes number of tombs (also the tomb of Prince Mehmed), schools, a kitchen that serves to poor people, caravansary and a bath in it. Sehzade Complex is considered as Architect Sinan’s first imperial commission. After succeeding in Sehzade Mosque, his career as an architect rose rapidly. Sehzade Mosque is one of the greatest monuments of Sinan’s early career.

clock and vav in sehzade mosqueThe plan of the Sehzade Mosque has the shape of a square that is covered by a medium dome and four small semi domes with supplementary function. The main dome is supported by four huge elephant legs.

Mosque is surrounded by a peaceful courtyard that isolates the inner side from Istanbul’s chaos, and would be a great place to relax for a while during your tiring day. Even it is a bit out of the tourist path, it is worth paying a visit. You can also visit Valens Aqueduct and Suleymaniye Mosque as they are all within a walkable distance to each other.

sehzade mosque inner yard

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