Sakirin Mosque

Sakirin Mosque is considered as one of the most beautiful modern mosques in Turkey. It is located at the entrance of Karacaahmet Cemetery in Uskudar, a bit off the well known tourist path, but if you have time, it is worth a short visit.

Mihrab of Sakirin MosqueAlmost all of the mosques in Istanbul are centuries old examples of Ottoman Architecture. Contemporary Mosques such as Sakirin Mosque offers different perspective for people who want to see how modern architecture combines with ethnic Mihrab of Sakirin Mosquemotifs.

Construction took 4 years and opened in May 2009. It was built by the Semiha Sakir Foundation in memory of İbrahim and Semiha Sakir. The exterior of Sakirin Mosque doesn’t seem so charming, you need to step inside to see its highlight, huge windows located on three sides let the light shines on golden calligraphy, splendid turquoise mihrab, and its unique huge chandelier that is shaped as water drops ( represents a prayer, “Allah’s light should fall like rain”). 99 names of God are written on the rings of Chandelier. Interior of the mosque is designed by a team lead by Mrs. Zeynep Fadillioglu. She is considered to be the first women. who took such important part in designing a mosque.

Sakirin Mosque interior


Courtyard is small, especially when compared with its Ottoman elders. The globe shaped fountain in the courtyard was designed by world known fountain designer, William Pye.

Sakirin Mosque courtyard


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