Mimar Sinan

Even though four centuries have passed since Mimar Sinan’s death, he is still the most famous Turkish architect. He was responsible for construction of almost 400 structures such as mosques, bridges, hans, bedestens…His major works are Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.

As a son of a stonemason, Mimar Sinan (*mimar means architect in Turkish) received technical education and started his architecture career in military. With his architectural and engineering skills, he rose quickly. In 1539, Sinan was appointed as supervisor of infrastructure construction, he was responsible for construction of public works such as bridges, road, mosques… Soon, Sinan reached his careers’ top as an imperial architect.

Sinan described his architectural career with three monuments. The first stage is the apprenticeship period, he constructed Sehzade Mosque (1548, Istanbul). During his qualification stage he constructed Suleymaniye Mosque (1558, Istanbul) as the imperial mosque with the order of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Mimar Sinan described Selimiye Camii (1575, Edirne) as the masterpiece of his career. When Selimiye Mosque was constructed, Sinan claimed Selimiye’s dome is the largest in the world.

sehzade mosque

Sinan died in 1588, but during his career as imperial architect he made Ottoman Classical Architecture reach its peak point. Even after his death, Sinan’s teachings influenced the major monuments, as his apprentices designed Sultanahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Taj Mahal in Agra, and Stari Most in Mostar. If you want to more about Mimar Sinan and his works, check the link; greatsinan.com



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