Mevlana was born in 1207 in Khorassan which is a district of Afghanistan now. Because of upcoming invasion of Mongols in 1212, he and his family were obligated to leave the city that they lived in. This was the beginning of migration round that would end in Konya.

Mevlana took his first education from his father. His father was one of the biggest scholars of his time. When his father died in 1231, Mevlana continued his education with Seyyit Burhanettin Tirmizi; he learnt science and theology from his father and Sufism from Tirmizi.

In 1244, a dervish came to Konya named Shams Tabrizi. This mysterious person had high opinions  and he was greathearted. The arrival of Shams shifted the life of Mevlana to an entirely different direction. Mevlana was about 37 years old at that times. Until that day, he was known as a serious, imperturbable, and scholarly person, but the arrival of Shams Tabrizi turned his emotional world upside down and made him a man of heart.

Mevlana  found  ‘the existence of absolute perfection’ in Shams and ‘ the lights of God’ in his face, but they could not stay together for a long time. Mevlana started to ignore everyone apart from Shams. This situation made every lover of him and his students upset. Because of that unpleasant reflections from people, in 1247, Shams suddenly disappeared. It is not exactly known whether he left Konya without letting anyone know or was murdered by those who could not stand the change that Mevlana went through.

konya mevlana

Mevlana summarized his life as  ‘I was immature, suffered, matured, and then became enlightened’ and he passed away in 1273, at the age of 66. Mevlana had considered the day of dead as rebirth day. When he died, he would reach his love namely to  Allah(God). That is way he called the day of the death ‘Seb-i Arus’, which means the wedding day or bride day and advised his friends not to cry after him when he died.


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