Green parrots in Istanbul

It is hard to believe that Istanbul houses thousands of cute, green, tropical parrots. They first settled in Istanbul two decades ago, and their numbers are increasing year by year, so nowadays you can easily see them in greener neighborhoods and parks.

No one knows from where these non-immigrant Afro-Asian Parakeets were came from, and how such a tropic bird is able to withstand Istanbul’s cold winters. People like weird myths, it is said these green parrots escaped from zoos in Iraq during Gulf War.

A flock of them were probably escaped from their cages in pet shops, in a cargo ship or released by animal sellers because of a problem occurred in the border. Somehow they managed to adapt climate of Istanbul, and became a part of the city.

You can easily spot them in Gulhane Park, in the Court of Topkapi Palace or in Emirgan Park.

green parrot in istanbul


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