Fazil Bey

Fazil Bey coffee house is located in the heart of Kadikoy, and offers one of the best Turkish coffee experience in town since 1923. Coffee beans are still roasted and grounded on site at the cafe. They serve Turkish coffee with Turkish delight and a glass of water.

You may drink their home made lemonade during summer months.

Cafe is centrally located, prices are reasonable, the taste and smell is amazing, so if you want a real Turkish coffee experience, Fazil Bey is one of the places you should stop by. Fazil Bey opened few more coffee houses around, but if you are around Kadikoy, go to oldest one located in Serasker Street.

Adress: Serasker Street. No:1 A Kadikoy

Fazil Bey’s website: fazilbey.com


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