Datli Maya

After passing Firuzaga Mosque which is at the center of Cihangir, Datli Maya greets its visitors with a modest sign and blue painted facade. The place was originally a historical wood fired oven, you feel as if you entering in a house, but this place is always bustling and charming. Herbs brought from Kaz Mountains which is located in the Aegean part of Turkey, is considered one of the most beautiful and untouched places in Turkey. They serve seasonal homemade Anatolian dishes with meat, and vegetables, pumpkin soup is among the most favorite starters, stone oven pita is so delicious. From breakfast to diner options are plentiful, fresh, daily, and in affordable price.

datli maya inside

Datli Maya is in walkable distance from Istiklal Street. Firstly find Firuzaga Mosque, Datli Maya is located so close to it.

You may check their website for more information and recent price: datlimaya.com

*Breakfast for 2: 35 TL

*Soup: 6 TL

*Pitas: from 15-22 TL

*Salad: 15 TL


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