Church of St. Anthony of Padua

While wandering through crowded Istiklal Street, it is hard to miss the red brick Church of St. Anthony of Padua and its marvelous apartments with three balconies because of its prominent location. You can see the red monumental building and shiny mosaics beyond its large iron gate and columns.

Exterior of St Antuan

The current church was constructed in 1912, but before that an older church, built in 1725, was located in same location. In the early 20th century, the old church had to be demolished because of the tram line construction of today’s iconic tram. Church serves to neighborhood’s Italian community, and it was constructed by Istanbul born Italian architects, Giulio Mongeri and Edoardo de Dani, in the form of a Cross in Neo Gothic style. Today, the church is directed by Italian priests and considered Istanbul’s largest functioning Roman Catholic Sanctuary.

Interior of St Antuan

Once you enter its court, you will see two statues; one is a bronze statue of Pope John XVIII and the other is a modern Jesus statue. Time to get in, the red bricked church offers a tranquil atmosphere inside.

You can consider your quick visit to the well maintained Church of St. Anthony of Padua as a peaceful escape from Istiklal Street’s crowd and noise.

Inside of St Anthony windows

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