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Istanbul is becoming more popular as a tourist destination year by year. It has so much to offer such as Bosphorus, Imperial palaces, grand mosques, world famous churches, Turkish baths, old bazaars, and much more. A trip can be done on a budget or could empty your bank account in a few days. For the ones who want to see beauties of Istanbul on a low budget, below are some cheap Istanbul tips are written to help to reduce your trip cost.

Fishing, Galata Bridge

Where to stay; Although most of the major attractions are packed in Sultahahmed, it is better in many ways not to stay close to Sultanmed Square. It is a worldwide fact, the closer you are to main attractions, the more expensive prices are. Sultanahmet, considered the backpacker hub of Istanbul, still may be considered as you pay more from service you get. Check the hotels out of Sultanahmet region.

Where to eat; Istanbul is one of the best cities with amazing street food. Cheap, fresh, and delicious, what a combination! Doner, simit, and grilled fish sandwiches are options you can eat for less than 2 or 3 USD.

Check the link for the guide about Istanbul street food:

Grand Bazaar interiorWhat to buy; Whatever you buy, bargain. Ask the prices of other shops around. Many shops sell same stuff and bear in mind, high rent costs directly effect prices of items in Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Istiklal Street and Sultanahmed. Shawls, devil eyes, pottery, and ceramics are the most unique souvenirs you can buy from Istanbul.

When to visit; High season starts in mid-June, and as demand increases, so do prices. April, May, September, and early October are best months for an Istanbul visit, with less crowds and lower prices.

Go to a local Turkish bath; Check out the local Turkish baths for a real experience. All local baths have separate sections or service at different hours for men and women. Baths you will see in flyers are generally touristic ones and prices are as much as five times higher compared to local Turkish baths.

Istanbul kart; Enables you to use all public transportation in discounted prices. Better to have one as soon as you step inside the city.

Istanbul Museum Pass; Check the recent prices of the attractions you are planning to visit. The cheapest Museum Pass costs 85 TL, so if it is less than ticket prices you will pay, then it is logical to buy one then. Another point of having Museum Pass is, there is no need to wait in long lines to visit attractions.

No need for agencies; You can visit the Prince Islands or go to Bosphorus Tour on your own as locals do, no need to pay additional money to agencies.

Free accommodation; Istanbul has an active couchsurfing community. Check for the hosts whose homes are free on your travel dates before your trip.

Pee time; You need to pay one lira for public toilets. Bear in mind, shopping malls, coffee and fast food chains are sources of free toilets.

All mosques, bazaars, and most of the churches are free of charge, just enjoy.

Eyup Sultan mosque entrance

Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive in Turkey as the government gets additional tax from these products. So if you will consume alcoholic drinks or smoke cigarettes during your trip, better to buy them from free-shop before leaving airport.

Free art; You can visit many art galleries and museums without paying a lira. Also, some museums offer free of charge visits on a particular day of the week or late hours during week days.

From exhibition Salt Galata

Even it is a taxi, a Turkish Bath, a restaurant, or hotel, always get a confirmation on price before getting the service.

For more cheap Istanbul tips, check the link for free attractions in commercial Istiklal Street;

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