One of the most impressive buildings throughout the centuries, Hagia Sophia is still in must visit list of every traveler. Hagia Sophia,…
  1. Topkapi Palace view

  2. Dolmabahce Palace fountain


sehzade mosque

Sehzade Mosque was constructed in 16th century. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent ordered Architect Sinan to design an imperial mosque in memory of his beloved son, Prince…
  1. Blue Mosque

  2. Kalenderhane Mosque Istanbul

  3. Arab Mosque

  4. Sakirin Mosque



Obelisk’s adventure began in the 15th century BC. The ruler of Egypt at that time, Thutmosis III, had this monument erected after…
  1. ferikoy flea market

  2. Inside of St Anthony of Padua

  3. basilica cistern

  4. grand bazaar street

  5. blue mosque and german fountain


cheap istanbul tips

Istanbul is becoming more popular as a tourist destination year by year. It has so much to offer such as Bosphorus, Imperial palaces,…


  1. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

  2. what do we know about istanbul galata

  3. Istanbul map regions

  4. mimar sinan

Green parrots of istanbul

It is hard to believe that Istanbul houses thousands of cute, green, tropical parrots. They first settled in Istanbul two decades ago, and their…


Datli Maya Istanbul

After passing Firuzaga Mosque which is at the center of Cihangir, Datli Maya greets its visitors with a modest sign and blue painted…
  1. Istanbul cafes karabatak

  2. yeni raki

  3. turkish coffee fazıl bey

  4. kronotrop

  5. kurukahveci mehmet efendi

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istanbul travel guide

اسطنبول عاصمة الإمبراطوريات الثلاث، و طريق العبور لثقافات المختلفة لعدة قرون. توجد بين سبعة تلال، وتقع في قارتين، مباركة بالبوسفور. استعد لجميع…
  1. istanbul travel guide

  2. istanbul travel guide

  3. istanbul travel guide