Dolmabahce means “filled up garden”, and until 17th century, the area was a bay where naval fleet anchored. In the 18th century,…
  1. Chora Museum mosaic

  2. Topkapi Palace view


sehzade mosque

Sehzade Mosque was constructed in 16th century. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent ordered Architect Sinan to design an imperial mosque in memory of his beloved son, Prince…
  1. Kalenderhane Mosque Istanbul

  2. Arab Mosque

  3. Sakirin Mosque

  4. Blue Mosque


ferikoy flea market

A Turkish proverb says, "If there is demand on old stuff, flea markets would be lighted by divine light." Contrary to the…
  1. obelisk

  2. grand bazaar street

  3. blue mosque and german fountain

  4. Inside of St Anthony of Padua

  5. basilica cistern


museum pass istanbul

Museum pass Istanbul allows you to access major museums in all over the city for 3 or 5 days. Museum pass Istanbul is…
  1. istiklal street tips musicians

  2. Galata Tower Buyuk Valide Han

  3. cheap istanbul tips

  4. balat edirnekapi route


  1. Istanbul map regions

  2. what do we know about istanbul galata

  3. mimar sinan

  4. Green parrots of istanbul


Mevlana was born in 1207 in Khorassan which is a district of Afghanistan now. Because of upcoming invasion of Mongols in 1212,…


yeni raki

Raki is a traditional alcoholic beverage(45°), even it can be produced from different fruits, the main ingredient is grape. It is formed…
  1. Istanbul cafes karabatak

  2. kronotrop

  3. kurukahveci mehmet efendi

  4. Datli Maya Istanbul

  5. turkish coffee fazıl bey

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istanbul travel guide

İstanbul, üç imparatorluğun başkenti, yüzyıllardır farklı kültürlerin kesişme noktası. Yedi tepe üzerine, iki kıtaya kurulmuş, güzelliği boğaz ile taçlandırılmış. Kendinizi en uç…
  1. istanbul travel guide

  2. istanbul travel guide

  3. istanbul travel guide