Dolmabahce means “filled up garden”, and until 17th century, the area was a bay where naval fleet anchored. In the 18th century,…


Arab Mosque

There isn't a specific information regarding when or by whom Arab Mosque was constructed. A legend says, in 715 AD, Arab Mosque…
  1. Kalenderhane Mosque Istanbul

  2. Sakirin Mosque

  3. sehzade mosque

  4. Blue Mosque



Obelisk’s adventure began in the 15th century BC. The ruler of Egypt at that time, Thutmosis III, had this monument erected after…
  1. Inside of St Anthony of Padua

  2. grand bazaar street

  3. blue mosque and german fountain

  4. ferikoy flea market

  5. basilica cistern


When to visit Istanbul

It is easy to understand the weather in Istanbul by dividing it to 4 climates, which also makes it easier for you…
  1. museum pass istanbul

  2. balat edirnekapi route

  3. cheap istanbul tips

  4. istiklal street tips musicians


mimar sinan

Even though four centuries have passed since Mimar Sinan's death, he is still the most famous Turkish architect. He was responsible for…


turkish coffee fazıl bey

Fazil Bey coffee house is located in the heart of Kadikoy, and offers one of the best Turkish coffee experience in town…
  1. Istanbul cafes karabatak

  2. yeni raki

  3. kurukahveci mehmet efendi

  4. kronotrop

  5. Datli Maya Istanbul

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istanbul travel guide

Istanbul, ibu negara tiga buah empayar, merupakan tempat pertemuan pelbagai budaya selama berabad lamanya. Ia terletak di antara tujuh buah bukit, dua…
  1. istanbul travel guide

  2. istanbul travel guide

  3. istanbul travel guide