Pammakaristos Church, known locally as Fethiye Mosque, is officially named Fethiye Museum. It is famous for its mosaics which cover the dome…
  1. Hagia sophia view

  2. Dolmabahce Palace fountain


Kalenderhane Mosque Istanbul

Kalenderhane Mosque is formerly an Eastern Orthodox Church, converted into a mosque after conquest of Istanbul. It is not exactly known when…
  1. sehzade mosque

  2. Sakirin Mosque

  3. Arab Mosque

  4. Blue Mosque


grand bazaar street

Grand Bazaar is considered as one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. In 1455, two years after the…
  1. obelisk

  2. Inside of St Anthony of Padua

  3. basilica cistern

  4. ferikoy flea market

  5. blue mosque and german fountain


istiklal street tips musicians

Commercial, crowded Istiklal Street offers great opportunities without cost, from Turkish coffee to live street bands. Take notes for Istiklal Street, here…
  1. When to visit Istanbul

  2. museum pass istanbul

  3. cheap istanbul tips

  4. galata bridge and new mosque


  1. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

  2. what do we know about istanbul galata

  3. Green parrots of istanbul

  4. mevlana

mimar sinan

Even though four centuries have passed since Mimar Sinan's death, he is still the most famous Turkish architect. He was responsible for…


turkish coffee fazıl bey

Fazil Bey coffee house is located in the heart of Kadikoy, and offers one of the best Turkish coffee experience in town…
  1. yeni raki

  2. Istanbul cafes karabatak

  3. Datli Maya Istanbul

  4. kronotrop

  5. kurukahveci mehmet efendi

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istanbul travel guide

İstanbul, üç imparatorluğun başkenti, yüzyıllardır farklı kültürlerin kesişme noktası. Yedi tepe üzerine, iki kıtaya kurulmuş, güzelliği boğaz ile taçlandırılmış. Kendinizi en uç…
  1. istanbul travel guide

  2. istanbul travel guide

  3. istanbul travel guide